Monday, May 11, 2009

Fell and fractured my wrist, no weaving for a while

Well it was a really nice Sunday morning, early only 6 am. I took one of my dogs out to the back yard. Had this great idea of sitting down in the hammock for a while before going back in. So much for that idea. I think as soon as my butt hit the hammock, I hit the ground and fractured my left wrist. So off to the hospital, and then orthopedic MD on Monday to reset my bones. Talk about pain, resetting bones hurts. I'm not a screamer but I think I scared everyone in the waiting room. Well resetting was a 50/50 chance of it working. And of course it did not. So the following Tuesday I had a plate and screws put into my wrist to put my bones back together. So far so good. Had the hard cast put on today. 2 weeks in this cast then I get the stitches out and a brace and start physical therapy. So I'm making progress. But the weaving is on hold till it is better. So I guess I'll be looking for a good book to read. To keep me occupied. I have to keep my left hand elevated has much as possible, I feel like I'm constantly waving. But it keeps the swelling down, so what ever works for a speedy recovery.