Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well my brace is off, physical therapy is going good. I still have weight restrictions on what I can do with my arm. But on July 20th I can start strengthening the wrist, finally. I have been able to weave, but can only beat with my right hand. But it works. I finished a lodge rug and started another. I would like information on a Mechanical Dobby loom, if anyone out there has any info. I have an AVL and would like to start using it. I do have the manual. But any pointers and words of wisdom are welcome.
Today started out nice and sunny then we got hammered by more thunder storms. It was the first time I saw the weatherman show black when tracking the storm. Right in the middle of the red and magenta on the screen they had the storm center as black. When will the rain stop. I don't mind having rainy days now and then but this is nuts. The ground has not yet dried out. Well I guess it is time to go weave some on the rug.