Sunday, April 5, 2009

Warps on the new beam & Cactus Show

Today was a beautiful spring day in CT. I finished putting the warp on the new sectional beam, which was a breeze. Loving these sectional beams, makes this part of the set up so much faster. This morning I received a call from my best friend. She wanted to go to The Cactus Show in Waterbury. A girlfriend of mine is selling her pottery there. So we decided to go surprise Carol. I started taking pottery classes with my friend Carol about 8 years ago. I stopped doing the pottery and became interested in weaving. And am glad I did. Though there is not much like being able to throw clay on a wheel and creating your own bowls. But now I don't have to scrub the clay off and have a much cleaner craft.
So it was nice to get the loom together and the spool rack and get it warped. Had the warp on by 8 am. Then at noon Michele and I set out for the Cactus Show. Now I have never grown Cactus and did not intend to come home with any plants. But 11 little cactus plants just decided to follow me home. And of course I had to buy a Cactus Care Book, have to give them a fair chance for survival. So I'll let you know how they do. They have a nice sunny window spot.

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