Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loom room updates.

I went to Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio for a weaving weekend. I spent the weekend weaving rag rugs with Hilary and getting lots of good tips. I had the chance to learn how to put on a sectional warp. And let me tell you that sure makes warping a lot easier and faster. We worked an warping up 2 looms. I made 2 rag rugs. I had a chance to try different looms. Hilary had a large selection of looms in her studio. Her studio is a lovely restored farm home. You stay right in the studio, she has 4 bedrooms upstairs. It was like staying in a Bed and Breakfast. But you got to weave also. Can't beat that. I really hope anyone who can take advantage of taking a weekend and weaving with Hilary does. Please check out her Blog and website at crazyasaloom.com you will see all the beautiful rugs Hilary makes and she also does custom rugs. This was good experience for me. It helps keep me motivated toward finishing my loom room in my home. I have 8 floor looms myself. My first was a Macomber (now I have 3 of those), AVL, Newcomb, a farm loom (don't know the name on this one never saw one like it) and a couple of others. So my goal is to finish the reconstruction in my home and set up looms in 2 rooms. I'll probably weave out the looms I don't need, and keep the ones I like the most. I prefer weaving rugs, but have made towels, table runners.
I have to tell you I returned from my weaving weekend and bought 2 sectional beams for my looms. The folks at Macomber are real helpful. I still am surprised they don't have a website, but the phone works well. So I am waiting for the delivery of my beams then I'll warp these 2 looms for rugs. Its good to have something you really enjoy.

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  1. Terri:
    Thanks for your comment on my blog...I am so happy that folks are writing in to me about their Macomber stories. I have known Eddie and Rick for 30 years, and have found that they will go to great lengths to solve equipment problems. Fun to see and read about your weaving work and your dogs! Peace, Sarah